Hungry Pigeon Isn’t an All-Day Café Anymore

Chef and owner Scott Schroeder announced the change, citing the time commitment of running an all-day cafe.

Hungry Pigeon’s beloved breakfast sandwich | Photo by Neal Santos

In an email this morning addressed to “Friends of Hungry Pigeon”, chef-owner Scott Schroeder announced the beloved all-day cafe will stop serving breakfast and lunch. Starting Monday, November 18th, Hungry Pigeon will be open daily 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., with brunch served Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Schroeder cited the intensity of the time commitment involved in running an all-day operation as a big part part of the decision.

“Honestly I’m pretty excited about it,” Schroeder told Foobooz. “We need time to work on new things and I need some of my life back. Apart from our loyal daytime customers being disappointed, which is a real bummer that makes me feel like crying and throwing up, it is a good thing. I’ve been detached from dinner service for almost a year and am ready to re-engage in that service. And work on making our wine program more affordable.”

Lucky for us, Hungry Pigeon’s egg sandwiches, croissants, burgers and other popular breakfast/lunch items will all still be available during brunch.

Still, Hungry Pigeon built a loyal following of weekday breakfast and lunch eaters over its almost four years as an all-day cafe. The croissants and pastries, made by Pat O’Malley, are some of the best in the city, as is the breakfast sandwich. Schroeder acknowledges this will be a significant change for many of the restaurant’s regulars, and he’s sorry to see their disappointment.

“Just facing customers and bumming them out – that shit ain’t easy,” says Schroeder. “And no matter how excited and happy I am, that’s still there.”

If renewed focus on the dinner and brunch menus isn’t enough to fix the heartbreak of losing these favorites, Schroeder also teased “exciting new projects on the horizon.” Stay tuned.