Russet, a Rittenhouse Farm-to-Table Favorite, to Close This Summer

Kristin and Andrew Wood's farm-to-table BYOB in Rittenhouse will close in June — but not without some special dinners and events first.

Photo by Jason Varney

In a heartfelt letter sent by email, Kristin and Andrew Wood have announced that they will be closing Russet, their farm-to-table BYOB in Rittenhouse, this summer. Its last night of service will be June 30th.

The restaurant, which opened on Valentine’s Day 2012, has been a mainstay of Philadelphia magazine’s 50 Best Restaurants list — its lovely brownstone dining room, charming service, ever-changing seasonal menus and deep, deep commitment to sourcing locally and responsibly made it a dining destination just a few blocks from Rittenhouse Square.

The Woods have a series of dinners, classes, and events lined up in June leading up to the last night of service. No specific details yet, but the dates are all set (see below). Make your reservations here or by calling the restaurant at 215-546-1521.

Tuesday, June 4: Russet Alumni Chef Dinner (TBA)
Thursday, June 6: Pasta Class and Dinner
Tuesday, June 11: Russet Alumni Chef Dinner (TBA)
Tuesday, June 18: Pasta Class and Dinner
Wednesday, June 19: Heritage Farm Dinner
Tuesday, June 25: Russet Alumni Chef Dinner (TBA)
Wednesday, June 26: Plowshare Farm Dinner
Sunday, June 30: Final Celebration (TBA)

Here’s the letter in full:


We want to thank our guests and friends who have joined us for dinner, brunch or a memorable event over the past seven years at Russet. It’s been a pleasure serving our honest, straightforward food in Philadelphia. We believe every restaurant has its life span. That said, we’ve decided Russet will close on June 30th, 2019.

Kristin and Andrew first met in a restaurant kitchen in Boston, then we cooked our way across the country until we hit California. When we decided to open our own place, we knew Philadelphia was where we wanted to be. It was also the place we wanted to raise our family. We’ve been lucky and successful with both here in this historic, charming, growing city. We’re thankful for the bounty of Pennsylvania, which solely informed our kitchen credo and nightly menus. We’re thankful for the farmers who grow such delicious produce and raise animals with care.  We’re thankful for our devoted staff who have become family. We’re thankful for the awards and accolades bestowed upon us. We’re grateful to have been part of Philadelphia’s vibrant dining scene and the friendships we’ve made within the community. We’re grateful to our guests, regulars, and those who shared momentous life events with us, such as bridal showers, graduations, engagements, and weddings.

It’s remarkable to think of all we’ve seen and done, and what is still to come. For us, that looks a lot like it always has: spending time with our two sons. But, once Russet’s doors close, we’ll do that at our home in South Philly and in parks and while visiting family in the country. We raised our family here, and, in a lot of ways, the restaurant raised us. It was a great testament to our abilities and taught us a lot. We’ll miss it, but we’re excited for our next chapter.  Before we close the reservation book on Sunday, June 30th, we hope to see you at least one more time. We’ve invited our friends and purveyors to celebrate our last few weeks with a series of special events to showcase all the elements that have made the food at Russet so special over the years.

Thank you.

-Andrew, Kristin, Gus and Leo Wood