Stock Is Opening a Second Location in Rittenhouse

Tyler Akin will bring his noodle soups, banh mis, and spicy salads to Chestnut Street.

stock restaurant fishtown rittenhouse

Rendering by Fork Spoon Design Studio

Now, four years in, it’s hard to imagine a Fishtown without Stock, Tyler Akin‘s tiny house of noodle soups, salads and banh mi.

Probably because every neighborhood needs one of those restaurants — a place to thaw out in the winter; a place that, with just the sheer magic of chicken bones and noodles and chili heat, is capable of curing what ails you, be it the common cold or a hangover. A place that’s cheap and healthy, but smart, too (before opening the spot with his wife, Nicole Reigle, he spent some time in D.C. at the Michelin-starred Komi, and was on the opening team of northeastern Thai restaurant Little Serow before moving here to sous under Mike Solomonov at Zahav).

Maybe four years from now, we won’t be able to imagine a Rittenhouse without its Stock.

Next month, Akin is bringing his old chef de cuisine John Kasenchak (previously of Alma de Cuba) over to 1935 Chestnut Street — the old Wokworks — to open Stock Rittenhouse. It’ll be basically the same deal as the one in Fishtown — Southeast Asian soups, salads and sandwiches with plenty of gluten-free and vegan options — except this time around, in the new, bigger space (designed by Nicholas Tazza and Christine Tan of Fishtown’s Fork Spoon Design Studio), they’ll get to expand their offerings to items like Thai-style fried chicken, beef jerky and khao tod.

“We have more toys to play with,” says Akin, “so we’re going to play with them.”

It’ll be a counter-service operation, too (as opposed to the table service they provide over on Girard Avenue), so, quicker and a bit more casual — which is necessary during a Center City lunch rush.

Follow along on their Instagram for updates. Otherwise, stay tuned in here for pics of the food and space before they open.