The Good King Tavern’s Answer to Sunday Gravy Is Melted Cheese

They're serving up classic French raclette with salt-roasted potatoes and ham.

The Good King Tavern/Official

There’s nothing that warms us up in winter quite like melted cheese. (Frankly, we welcome it any day of the year.)

The Good King’s chef, Nich Bazik, is now offering a Sunday special that’s perfect for all of us molten cheese lovers: a Savoie-inspired take on raclette. That’s bubbly cheese, potatoes, and other tasty accoutrements.

First, there’s the cheese. Good King is sourcing a soft-ripened, washed-rind raclette made in Fournols in central France. Raclette describes both a style of cheese made across certain regions of France and Switzerland and the devices often used to prepare it.

They’re salt-roasting potatoes, then melting that cheese all over them. That cast-iron pan of heaven is then served on a board with Jambon de Bayonne, cornichons, mustard, and lamb’s lettuce.

According to proprietor Chloe Grigri, diners should scoop up a little of each ingredient, then wrap each forkful in ham. Her favorite drinks to pair with the raclette board? A Suze martini or a glass of Mondeuse (from Savoie, natch).

This cheesy delicacy — priced at an indulgent and affordable $17 — is only available on Sundays at Good King from noon until midnight.