The Fat Ham Returns to Philadelphia for One Night

The city gets its hot chicken back later this month.

Osteria dining room

Osteria dining room

When Kevin Sbraga closed his Philadelphia restaurants, we lost — among other things — one of the best single dishes in the entire city: Fat Ham’s Nashville hot chicken. Yes, there still exists a Fat Ham at the King of Prussia Mall, and yes, it serves hot chicken, but true hot chicken within Philly’s boundaries? Nada (well, besides Bud & Marilyn’s good-but-not-as-good rendition).

Luckily for us, Sbraga’s bringing his fried bird and other southern spins back to the city for one night later this month.

On Tuesday, April 25th, at 6:30 p.m., Sbraga will pop up in Osteria’s kitchen with a four-course $85 prix fixe menu . If you’re down, there’s a $40 beverage pairing supplement, too. Here’s what’s on deck (each course gets both items, it’s not a choice of the two):

-Soybean hummus, seaweed pie dough
-Fat Ham croquettes, green goddess
1st Course
-Pimento cheese pizza, mortar crushed spring garlic pesto
-Mustard greens salad, hot vinegar dressing, scallions & peanuts
2nd Course
-Smothered rabbit, rigatoni, bacon, peas & carrots
-Smashed Yukon gold potatoes, green tomato tapenade, shrimp dip
3rd Course
-Hot chicken, white bread, ranch, dill pickles
-Grilled bronzino, blue crab ravigote, red beans and rice
4th Course
-Coconut cream pie
We’ve seen quite a bump of Southern-inspired activity on Sbraga’s Instagram recently, especially when he returned to Philly after a quick saunter around the American South. Don’t forget, he did promise a real return eventually, so maybe a pop-up like this marks the beginning of the actual return of The Fat Ham.