You Can Now Buy Wine At Whole Foods

A one-stop shop for ornamental kale, egg white potato chips and now wine.

If you live in Center City, Wynnewood, Devon, Glen Mills, Plymouth Meeting or Allentown, your local Whole Foods now sells wine.

No, really! Basically, if the store you’ve been going to for your cruelty-free cleaning products and free-range alfalfa also sells beer, then they will now be selling wine, too. And this all just started today.

We can’t tell you exactly what they’re going to be carrying because the selection will vary by store and continue to expand into the New Year. But this is going to be huge news for that particular slice of the population out there who love both pinot noir AND overpriced kale.

Whole Foods is just one of the many grocery stores that have begun selling wine since the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board approved reform laws to allow approved grocery stores, restaurants and hotels to sell up to four bottles of wine for takeout. Others include select locations of Wegmans, Giant and Acme.

But still, Whole Foods? This news has already made at least one person in this office literally squeal with joy, so I’m guessing this is going to make many people out there very, very happy.

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