Wegmans Is About To Become Your New Local Wine Shop

Photo via Flickr

Photo via Flickr

So guess who has been snapping up wine permits lately? Wegmans has. Yesterday they officially announced that wine sales will be starting at the Malvern store tomorrow (November 9) and at the State College store on Friday (November 11). And this is a big deal. The stores will be stocking between 400 and 800 labels (depending on available space), and that’s not even the big news.

The big news is that Malvern and State College (along with the Mechanicsburg store which began selling in September) are just the beginning. Wegmans is hoping to have wine shops open in all 17 of its Pennsylvania stores within the next two weeks.

No, really. By November 17, all PA locations are hoping to be offering wines to customers. They’re planning on offering hundreds of bottles each, and to have employees on hand able to talk about both the wines themselves and to offer pairing suggestions.

Sales at the Mechanicsburg store operated like a pilot program for this wider roll-out, allowing Wegmans to be able to refine their systems and figure out ordering and delivery. When that wrapped up, the grocery store chain decided to go all-in on wine sales, and now will be able to offer consumers wine, beer and food sales all together in the same location, just in time for the holidays.

So congratulations, Pennsylvania. We’ve now come one step closer to becoming like the real world outside our borders.

Now if we can just get some bars inside movie theaters…

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