Last Chance For Brown Betty Cupcakes

If you have to close down a restaurant, you know what’s a pretty good reason? Because your partnership with Walmart and Patti Labelle is taking up too much of your time.

That’s exactly what’s happening with Brown Betty Dessert Boutique–the local bakery that’s been operating in Philly since 2004. A while back, they got hooked up with Labelle, who appreciated the quality of Brown Betty’s product (particularly the sweet potato pie and poundcake) and the fact that the bakery itself has been run by three generations of African-American women in Philadelphia. That partnership expanded until Brown Betty’s products were on the shelves in over 500 Walmart stores. There’s also been a book (The Brown Betty Cookbook) and deals in the works with other national brands.

So anyway, yeah. That’s not the worst news ever, right? But what sucks for us locals is that Brown Betty is closing their brick-and-mortar location. The upside? They’re having one last big closing-day party on October 1 where they’ll be giving away cups of coffee and sweet tea and selling their last batches of cupcakes.

If anyone is interested in owning a piece of the shop itself, we also hear that they’re going to be selling off kitchen items, furniture and accessories to anyone who’s interested.

So if you’ve got a soft spot for Brown Betty, or fond memories you want to share, this’ll be your last chance. Because after October 1, it’ll be between you and a Walmart cashier.

Brown Betty Dessert Boutique [official]