Free Cheesesteak Giveaway TODAY

Big Q BBQ is giving away free cheesesteaks today to the first 200 customers to arrive after noon

Drew Abruzzese, owner of Big Q BBQ, a family-owned restaurant in Levittown, named his new cheesesteak after his BBQ-loving, dedicated customers — and he’s giving it away for free.

“The Levittowner,” a tender, sliced, smoked brisket, with Cheez Whiz and crispy onion straws on an 8-inch roll from Italian People’s Bakery, usually costs $6.49. In celebration of his new creation referred to as “a brisket wit wiz,” beginning at noon today, Abruzzese is offering free cheesesteaks to the first 200 customers.

As Big Q BBQ has a love for their neighbors at the Italian People’s Bakery, less than a mile from the restaurant, it makes sense for them to use other Levittown traditions to contribute to the creation of “The Levittowner.”

So you can be one of the first 200 customers to get one of Big Q BBQ’s smoky, savory briskets served on a freshly-baked roll, making it crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, just as a traditional cheesesteak should be — all for free.

Big Q BBQ [official]