Olce Pizza Grille Is Celebrating 5 Years With Free Pizza

But they are collecting donations for Manna On Main Street, so don't forget your wallet.

olcecornpizzaOlce Pizza Grille in Skippack (which I have said time and again is one of the best pizza joints in the region) is celebrating its five-year anniversary tonight, and they’re doing it in fine style.

To wit:

Come join us on Tuesday November 10 at both lunch and dinner to celebrate 5 wonderful years of delicious pizza!! As in years past, we are giving away our pizzas and salads and asking you to make a generous donation to our friends at Manna on Main Street! We are giving away Olce logo cups and handing out PBRs to celebrate! Get in here for a few pies and thanks for supporting us!!

So bring your wallets, give generously to a good cause, have a beer, and then sit down to some of the greatest artisan pizzas you’re going to find. I’m not sure if the crew will be working from a limited menu tonight or what, but seriously, their BLG (bacon, leek and gruyere) and meatball pies kick ass every single day. And seasonally, the regular return of Olce’s corn pizza is one of the greatest joys of the summer–though the autumn pie on the board right now (with brussels sprouts, gruyere, mozzarella, pecorino and prosciutto) sounds pretty good, too.

Olce Pizza Grille [Facebook]