Looks Like Bud & Marilyn’s Has Its Neon Lit

And there might be an opening date, too.

B and M

The crew over at G Philly were obviously wandering around 13th Street recently, and they stumbled across the location at 13th and Locust which will shortly become Bud & Marilyn’s–the newest restaurant from Marcie Turney and Val Safran, who pretty much own that entire neighborhood.

The good news? They found the neon on the sign lit (as shown above), which is a sure sign that things are progressing and that they’ll be opening soon, right? I mean, they’ve been saying that they’ll be “opening soon” for a really long time now, but this has to mean that they’re close.

And actually, they are. As a matter of fact, I think we might even have something like an opening date.

You see, the neon was lit for the first time around six days ago–an event captured and preserved via Turney’s Instagram account. She snapped a quick shot, captioned it simply “Oh baby,” and posted it for the world to see.

In the comments, someone asked her if this meant the place was open. And Turney herself actually answered, saying that Bud & Marilyn’s would be opening “Last week of August.”

So is this a real, firm date? I dunno. We had them listed in our post on Winter Restaurant Openings That Have Us Excited, again on our Spring Restaurant Openings list (with a projected date of April, 2015), once more on our list of Summer Restaurant Openings We’re Looking Forward To, and Bud & Marilyn’s has now missed not one, but two Restaurant Weeks for which they’d originally been listed as participating.

But who knows? They’ve spent months in menu testing. They have matchbooks printed. And now the neon?

Last week in August is sounding pretty good to me.

Oh, and one other thing? Let’s not forget that Turney and Safran also have some other big news this week: As we announced back in July, their frozen budino pops are going to be on sale at the Marcie Blaine chocolate counter inside Verde this weekend.

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