Frozen Budino Pops Are Back!

Photo by Jason Varney

Photo by Jason Varney

So here we go, folks. In what has already become a rite of summer in Philly, the announcement has come down that Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney are going to be selling their frozen budino pops again this year.

And this year, they’re doing it right.

Not a one-time thing. Not a single, mad scramble for one of the hottest treats of the season. No, this time the ladies of 13th Street have a plan. For three three-day weekends during the summer (July 17-19, August 14-16 and September 4-6), the pops are going to be available at the Marcie Blaine Chocolate counter inside Verde. They’ll be sold on Friday and Saturday from 11am-8pm and on Sundays from noon to 6pm. They’ll run you $5 per pop.

Haven’t had the pleasure of one of these things before? Here’s how they’re put together:

For the Frozen Budino Pops, Chef Turney wraps a core of salted caramel and dark chocolate cookie crumbs with frozen caramel pudding then hand-dips it in dark chocolate and sprinkles a few grains of Maldon sea salt on top. Each comes on a popsicle stick and makes for a perfect summertime treat.

So make your plans and save your pennies, people. And here’s hoping that with the new, multi-day schedule, the lines for these won’t be quite so bad as they were for the budino donut pop-up.

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