The Yachtsman Turns One Year Old Tonight

And they're celebrating with discounted cocktails all week.


Today is The Yachtsman‘s official first birthday. So what better excuse do you need to get out and raise a couple rum-heavy tiki drinks?

What’s that you say? You want half-price cocktails (including the Best of Philly-winning Mai Tai)? Well, you can have that. From 6pm to 8pm all week long, the bar is letting their all their drinks go (with the exception of the Papa Doble and the Zombie Punch) for 50% off.

Eight in the evening too early for you to start drinking? Then you’ve got some kind of weird issues, brother. But you can still go the Yachtsman and get 30% off drinks for the rest of the night.

The promotion starts tonight and runs through the end of the week. So even if cheap drinks all night long aren’t enough for you because you just don’t like drinking in the rain, there’s always tomorrow night.

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