The Summer 2015 Affogato Road Show

Affogato-BirchIt was back in the sweltering summer days of 2013 when the first Affogato Days simultaneously caffeinated us and cooled us. The pop-up partnership between Little Baby’s Ice Cream and Elixr Coffee was a natural fit. Perfectly-pulled shots of single origin espresso poured over scoops of ice cream from Philly’s most playful jockeys of the deep freeze. Now, some of the Elixir kids have decamped to start W/N W/N Coffee Bar, but this year, just like Wet Hot American Summer, the gang is getting back together. The menu is the same, ice cream drowned in coffee once again, only this time the team is hitting the road.

The Summer 2015 Affogato Road show will be stopping at no fewer than ten of Philly’s most beloved coffee shops over the course of five days in July. The goal is to drown as much of the city as possible in the wintry mix of ice cream melting into hot espresso.

Flavors will vary shop to shop, but you’ll likely see options like vanilla cardamom and brown butter brawler, along with non-dairy options like coconut chai and chocolate salt malt. These will be paired with the house espresso at each shop, so expect to see espress-representation from ReAnimator, Dogwood Coffee, Counter Culture, Square One, and Peddler in addition to Elixr’s own.

The trail kicks off today with simultaneous starts at Menagerie Coffee and Reanimator Coffee Roasters, then continues every couple of days at new locales across the city, eventually concluding on Saturday, July 18 with a throwback Affogato Day where the whole thing started: Elixr Coffee and W/N W/N Coffee Bar. The wrap party is a late-night Adult Ice Cream Social at W/N W/N.

Naturally, you can simply wait for Affogato Day to pop-up in your favorite shop, but groupies who follow the Road Show from shop to shop will be eligible to earn discounts along the way. Tour dates are as follows:

July 8:

Menagerie Coffee, 18 S 3rd St

Reanimator Coffee Roasters, 310 Master St

July 11:

Ultimo Coffee, 1900 S 15th St

The Monkey & The Elephant, 2831 W Girard Ave

July 13:

Peddler Coffee, 2100 Spring St

Square One, 249 S 13th St

July 15:

Shot Tower Coffee, 542 Christian St

High Point Cafe, 602 Carpenter Lane

July 18:

Elixr Coffee, 207 S Sydenham St

W/N W/N Coffee Bar, 931 Spring Garden St