Sneak Preview: COOK’s August Schedule


While “school” and “summer” don’t exactly go hand in hand, classes at COOK are never anything less than fun (or less than delicious, for that matter). So to keep you in the loop, we’re bringing you August’s lineup a little early. This way, you can  hopefully snag one of the choice spots as you plan your next month’s nights out.

The class schedule rolls out for registration tomorrow at 2 PM, and as always, the classes will go quickly. This month will host everything from a preview of Stargazy (British comfort food and baked goods, which we wrote about this morning) and a summer in Provence dinner from Michele Haines of the Spring Mill Cafe, to classes focusing seafood, fermented beverages, dumplings and donuts.

See something you like? Our advice is to act fast. Best of luck and happy eating!

COOK August Class Schedule

August 1st: Kombucha and Friends: Fermented Beverages with Olga Sorzano of Baba’s Brew

August 2nd: Countryside Brunch with Chris Allen of Jeffrey A. Miller Caterers

August 4th: Summer in Provence with Michele Haines of Spring Mill Cafe

August 5th: Summer Seafood with Katie Cavuto of Healthy Bites

August 7th: Flavors of Philadelphia with Ari Miller of Food Underground

August 8th: Donut Making with Peter Scarola of R2L

August 12th: STARR SERIES: Contemporary Pan-Asian Cuisine with Todd Lean of Pod

August 15th: Fresh From the Sea with Zach Breeding, Clinical Dietician and Chef

August 18th: Izakaya: Japanese Pub Fare with Atsuko Boyd of Jeffrey A. Miller Caterers

August 24th: The Traditional British Pie Shop Sam Jacobson of Stargazy

August 26th: Summer Pub Fare with Anne Coll of The Whip Tavern 

August 27th: Vegetarian Mexican Fiesta with Beth Kaufman of Grateful Plate 

August 31st: STARR SERIES: Cantonese Dim Sum with Chad Gelso of Buddakan

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