East Passyunk Gets a British Bakery

stargazy-pie-940East Passyunk’s ranking as a culinary destination has been cemented for some time now. But the diversity of its offerings are continuing to grow. The stretch boasts French, Italian, New American and even Dutch eateries, and in about a month, it will see the opening of Stargazy, a British bakery from chef Sam Jacobson at 1838 E Passyunk Avenue (the former Ms. Good Cupcake). Jacobson has cooked in-and-around Philadelphia for a decade now, turning Lansdowne’s Sycamore into a culinary destination.

At Stargazy, Jacobson will pull from his English roots as he creates a proper British bakery, with the likes of savory pies and mash, sausage rolls, and sweets like sticky toffee pudding.

Among the British specialties that Jacobson will be asking Philadelphians to become familiar with are:

  • Lamb Curry Pie
  • Eels Pie with Mash – The eels can be stewed or jellied (decisions, decisions)
  • Bedfordshire Clanger – A single pastry with a savory end and a sweet end

Stargazy will also serve British drinks by Fentimans and tea for free.

Sample Stargazy Menu

stargazy sample menu

Sample menu from Stargazy

Stargazy [Foobooz]