Bourdain Eats a Cheesesteak

When Anthony Bourdain finally came to Philadelphia to film one of his TV shows, he steered clear of the city’s iconic cheesesteak. But he recently came back around these parts for an episode of his CNN show, Parts Unknown and he showed he wasn’t afraid to woof down the region’s singular sandwich.

Debuting on Sunday, May 31 at 9 p.m., this week’s episode is all about New Jersey and Bourdain makes his way to Camden for a cheesesteak from Donkey’s Place. Bourdain calls the cheesesteak “sublime” and “unbelievably good.”

The Donkey’s Place cheesesteak is unique. It is served on a round poppy-seeded kaiser roll and comes with a heaping helping of fried onions. Donkey’s Place has been at its 1223 Haddon Avenue address for 72 years. Named for its original owner, light heavyweight boxer Leon “Donkey” Lucas, the bar’s cheesesteak has long been a favorite of the likes of Holly Moore and Serious Eats.

Donkey’s Too, at 7 Tomlinson Mill Road in Medford New Jersey subscribes to the Donkey’s Place recipe and is run by Leon Lucas’s grandchildren.

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