About Last Night: The Layover in Philadelphia

So that was fun. Anthony Bourdain finally came to Philadelphia and last night The Layover showed the country that yes, Philadelphia is a lot more than cheesesteaks and Rocky. The show captured our spirit, our accents and our many tattoos. It was good television and enjoyable to see our city in such a good light.

Peter McAndrews had us shaking our heads with his impassioned case for Jerry Blavat being the most recognizable living Philadelphian. Mike Solomonov and Marc Vetri were shown to be excellent tour guides and better chefs. We dug seeing George Sabatino multiple times and smiled when he gave a shout-out to his former employers and Lolita. We laughed out loud when Bourdain told us that Han Chiang thinks Americans are too stupid to mix together their own dan dan noodles. We even enjoyed Bourdain’s dig that we have a statue to a fictional boxer but not to Joe Frazier. But not for long, not for long.

Did you notice? 

  • Anthony Bourdain genuinely blushed when he realized a young boy was listening in on the 18th century sex trade discussion.
  • A graphic had The Mütter Museum in Mantua, not Center City?
  • Point Breeze received two shout-outs in the A block (American Sardine Bar, Hardena)?
  • Bourdain seemed to be a slurring a bit during dinner at Zahav? The Pappy must have done a number on him.
  • Has Ben Franklin ever been called a “Wienie Wagger” before?
  • Did you see North Philadelphia’s urban cowboys made an appearance?

What were your thoughts? And one final question, who was the guy who polished off that Irish Bus Bomb?

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