This Weekend: William Street Common Is Opening Their Patio

We first told you about William Street Common (the indoor beer garden in University City from Avram Hornik) back when it opened–toward the beginning of the year and well outside traditional beer garden season. We talked about it again when it’s tipping policy (and flat 20% service charge on all orders) made MSNBC.

But now the seasons have changed and the weather has officially warmed up (I heard my first person complaining about the heat a few days ago), so William Street has some announcements to make.

First things first, this Saturday, May 9, will mark the grand opening of the patio at William Street. This will add 60 additional seats to the space, lots more picnic tables and twinkle lights, and they’re kicking things off with Saturday’s brunch service.

Also important: William Street Commons is now doing a lunch service. It’s running Tuesday through Friday, from 11am-4pm, and the crew is promising a separate lunch menu later this month as well.

Finally, for those of you who aren’t satisfied solely with beer and snacks, William Street is also starting Wednesday night Quizzo on May 13. Personally, I’m fine with just getting a couple drinks in me and proving my intelligence to strangers the old fashioned way (by arguing with them about Star Wars, the history of the cheeseburger and other things I care deeply about), but to each their own…

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