Total Rampage at Matyson

This week they're featuring a tasting menu focused on the limited time veggie.

I’m pretty sure by now you know that spring is here. But it’s not just the warm weather, the longer days and a sudden revival of Philadelphia’s greenery that has us excited.

We’re excited for the multiple spring menus we’ve been showing you, which debut more fresh veggies and cocktails that have us ready to ditch work and spend the day drinking outside.

But we’re also excited because spring means ramp season. It’s that almost sweet type of onion that sort of resembles a scallion, but has the odor of garlic. You can only find it around this time each year and, ladies and gentlemen, it has arrived in Philadelphia.

To celebrate the veggie, Matyson is throwing a rampage (get it?). From Monday, April 27 through Thursday, April 30, the Rittenhouse restaurant is featuring a ramp tasting menu.

The menu is five courses for $55 per person. If you’re pretty excited for ramps, than you can make your reservation here.

Check out the Ramp menu at Matyson

Lamb Tartare

Grilled ramps, foie aioli, jidori yolk, maitake tuile, pickled ramps

Burgundian Escargot

Ramp buttered grits, charred pearl onions, pistachio crumble, ramp espuma, absinthe

Olive Oil Poached Ahi Tuna

Ramp tapenade, warm potato salad, red watercress, champagne pickled fennel, ramp gribiche

Ramp Stuffed Porchetta

Broccoli rabe, king oyster mushrooms, ramp soubise, gremolata

Lemonade Poundcake 

Lemon curd, blackberry sauce, mascarpone ice cream

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