Brauhaus Schmitz Chef Releases Cookbook

Jeremy Nolen releases his German cookbook this Tuesday.

Brauhaus Schmitz executive chef, Jeremy Nolen, and pastry chef, Jessica Nolen, release their first cookbook this Tuesday, January 27. But if you’re eager to get your hands on a copy, head over to Brauhaus Schmitz.

New German Cooking: Recipes for Classics Revisited is a contemporary, ingredient-driven revival of traditional German dishes. The Nolens hope to make classic German recipes more approachable by bringing them to the modern table.

“At Brauhaus Schmitz, and with our new cookbook, we’ve tasked ourselves with bringing this overlooked culinary style the recognition it deserves,” Nolen said.

The cookbook is divided into nine chapters: breads and spreads; salads; soups; fish, shellfish and poultry; meat and game; vegetables; noodles and dumplings; pickles and condiments; and desserts. It also includes a list of sources to help find the necessary tools and ingredients needed to prepare the dishes. What’s more, the whole thing was a rather local affair, with Drew Lazor helping out with the words and photographer Jason Varney snapping all the pretty pictures.

If you can’t get over to Brauhaus Shmitz, you can pre-order the book on Amazon here. Or you can just wait for it to hit stores on Tuesday.

And on Wednesday, February 4th from 6 to 9 p.m., the Nolens will be selling signed copies at Brauhaus Schmitz.

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