Restaurant Startup Winner Wants To Open In Philadelphia

Anthony Marini won Restaurant Startup with his Philadelphia restaurant idea, The Rarest.

CNBC’s Restaurant Startup starts out similar to Shark Tank. Hopeful, non-famous chefs go in asking super-famous celebrity chef Tim Love and restaurateur Joe Bastianich to invest in their company for a certain amount of equity. Each episode, one of those teams receive $7,500 to temporarily open their dream restaurant at a set location and work through their idea in hopes Love and Bastianich will invest.

Sounds simple, right?

Last nights episode featured Philly native Anthony Marini. His idea is to open The Rarest in Philadelphia, “a restaurant that specializes in meat and fish preparations that are raw or cooked raw,” which is a ridiculous thing to say because it makes no sense. ‘Cooked raw’? Isn’t ‘raw’ the way that everything is before you cook it? Items featured on the show include steak tartare, mushroom ceviche and seared tuna–all of which are things that are either raw or cooked and, therefore, just called ‘food’.

Semantics aside, Marini came through in the end and made a deal with Joe Bastianich, who will invest $225,000 in his restaurant. According to the show, Marini and Bastianich plan to open The Rarest in the second quarter of 2015.

UPDATE: Marini just reached out to let us know that what he actually said to describe his concept was, “Meat and fish preparations that are rare cooked or raw.” As this is a far less ridiculous way to describe food cooked for human being to eat, we are now far less concerned about the menu at his upcoming restaurant.

Restaurant Startup [Official]

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