Just Another Reason To Go Out And Drink Gin

As if you needed another reason, right? As if the siren song of that most misunderstood of white liquors wasn’t already powerful enough.

But if you do need an excuse–a raison de boire, as it were–there’s this: Oyster House has decided to spend the autumn convincing you that drinking gin (and eating oysters) is a good idea. Thus, they have put together a list of over 50 domestic and internationally-produced gins, all ready to be drunk straight (oh stop making that face…) or combined into any number of classic cocktails which are perfect for drinking alongside a nice spread of oysters.

For example, there’s the Oyster House signature gin martini, made with Martin Miller’s gin and their house-infused white vermouth–a long process which requires “infusing 100-proof vodka with a proprietary assortment of bitters, roots and barks and then blending the resulting herbaceous liquor with dry white wine.” Because yeah, that’s how seriously they’re taking their martini.

About half of Oyster House’s cocktail list is currently occupied by gin-based cocktails and punches (like Mother’s Ruin, which is one of the most awesomely dangerous alcoholic concoctions in the city). There are also oyster shooters, various happy hours (when at least one gin punch is always on special for $5), a November event where Matt Teacher will be launching his new book, The Spirit Of Gin, and the regular old menu which, unsurprisingly, is heavy on things which go well with a little juniper consomme.

So there you go: All the reason you need to get out there and drink more gin, eat more oysters and generally just enjoy yourselves more. Now what are you waiting for?

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