Questlove DJing the Great Chefs Afterparty (And That’s Not Even The Big News)

So yes, the Vetri Great Chefs event is coming up on June 10. Yes, there’s going to be an afterparty at Alla Spina. And yes, Questlove will be DJing. VIP tickets (which are the only way to get access to the afterparty, short of becoming a Great Chefs sponsor) are $525 apiece and can be gotten through the Vetri Foundation website. Expensive, sure, but that’s the only way you’ll get to see Questlove, hang out with Tom Colicchio, Michael Symon, Jonathan Waxman, and feel like one of the city’s power players.

It’s also the only way you’ll get to taste Brad Spence’s 200lb mortadella cooked inside a Victory Brewing fermenting cask.

Wait, what?

No, seriously. If you’re the kind of person who really likes rubbing up against celebrity chefs, then cool. The Great Chefs afterparty is the place to be. But we’re WAY more interested in the massive mortadella.

The whole thing will be transported back to Alla Spina for the party where Spence will be carving it to order and serving it with mayo and hot pepper relish. Apparently, this kind of epic meat presentation has become something of an annual tradition at Great Chefs. But the fact that this year’s mortadella was so big that it had to be transported off-site to be cooked in a fermenting cask is just all kinds of awesome.

So anyway, whether it’s Questlove, Colicchio or giant meat that moves you, you should probably get your tickets soon. There were only ever a hundred of these released, and who knows when they’re going to sell out.

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