Bar Ferdinand Chef Collaboration Series Continues With Scott Schroeder


Say you were trying to custom-design a truly weird night. Great food, interesting company, a crew in the kitchen who know their way around a party and could cater a trip to the DMV and make it fun. If you could put any two Philly chefs together in the same kitchen to make this happen, who would you choose?

Yeah, you’re right. It would be David Ansill and Scott Schroeder. And lucky you, because the two of them are going to be cooking together for one night only at Bar Ferdinand on Thursday, March 27. It’s open seating. The fun starts at 6pm. And tickets are $55 per person.

So you wanna know what’s going to be on the menu?

Chef Collaboration Menu
from David Ansill and Scott Schroeder

Thursday, March 27th
$55 per person, plus tax and gratuity

first course
with fermented chili sauce

second course
Tapas Trio
marinated sardine, warm pigs head terrine, oil poached potato with celery

third course
Grilled Bluefish
with olives and house made pickles

fourth course
Soft Cooked Duck Egg
with shellfish brandade

fifth course
Smoked Pork Shoulder
with spicy greens

sixth course
House Made Doughnuts

Pig’s head, barbecue, oysters, doughnuts… You know you wanna go.

Bar Ferdinand [f8b8z]