This Weekend: Whiskey And Waffles Brunch At Ela

Ela - Photo by Jason Varney

So Scott Schroeder and Jason Cichonski should be getting pretty used to cooking together at this point.

I mean there was that Bromance Collaboration Dinner they did together in February, and the first Whiskey and Waffles brunch the two of them did last year. Now they’re getting together again to do a second drunken brunch which will pair everyone’s favorite breakfast foods (waffles, bagels, bacon, shrimp salad) with everyone’s favorite breakfast beverage (whiskey).

This Sunday, the two chefs will come together at Ela to put out a menu of inspired breakfast foods. Starting at 10:30am and going until 2:30pm, the special brunch will run you $35 for four courses. Reservations are recommended but not required and, for an additional $20, you can even get each course paired with specially-designed breakfast cocktails (like a Laphroaig-and-rye Bloody Mary or a shot of bourbon).

And yes, of course we have a copy of the menu. Right this way…

Whiskey & Waffles Brunch At Ela

By Scott Schroeder and Jason Cichonski

house made bagel
whisky lox
swedish punsch & bourbon shot

savory grain cereal
celery root milk, grapefruit,
shaved shrimp salad
scotch, aperol, lemon, yellow chartreuse

scott-ched egg
bacon sausage, english muffin grits,
cheezy hollandaise
laphroaig & rye bloody mary

new england seafood chowder waffles
mussels, clams, lobster bisque gravy
bourbon, cognac, benedictine, lillet

Ela [f8b8z]