This Week: Bromance Collaboration Dinner At Ela


Scott Schroeder is having a busy season. We just wrote about him throwing in with David Ansill for an upcoming collaboration dinner at Bar Ferdinand, and now we’ve also got word that, two days from now, he’s going to be in the kitchen at Ela with one of his besties, Jason Cichonski, doing a totally different collaboration dinner.

This one is actually called the Bromance Collaboration Dinner, a “bromantical evening with Scott Schroeder and Jason Cichonski.” It’s happening on Wednesday, February 12, at Ela. Seats are $50 per person (with an optional $20 drink pairing), reservations are required, and the menu is… Well, just check it out for yourselves after the jump.

Bromance Collaboration Dinner At Ela

Wednesday, Feb. 12, $50pp, optional $20 drink pairing

“My Snuggle Bear”

Tasting Menu


warm poached oyster & foie gras
cornichon, fresh horseradish

roasted scallop
uni custard, brown butter dashi, bok choy,
smoked vanilla powder

baby gnocchi
aged cheddar, spinach, miso crumbs

black garlic glazed pork cheeks
celery root, celery leaf gremolata,
puffed grains

chocolate cake milk shake
warm chocolate

Ela [f8b8z]