Chef Collaboration Dinner Series At Bar Ferdinand Kicks Off With Koo Zee Doo

David Ansill has been getting up to a lot of cool things lately at Bar Ferdinand. There was his Spanish-inflected Chinese New Year menu, the new industry happy hour deal the kitchen launched a couple weeks ago. And now, he’s working on a chef collaboration series that’s set to start up on February 27.

And not only that, but the very first event in the series will be with Dave and Carla Gilberg of the recently closed (and seriously mourned) Koo Zee Doo. So basically, if you missed out on getting your final hit of Portuguese food from the Gilbergs back when their operation was an actual restaurant (and not a catering operation, which is what it appears to be now), this will really be your best shot.

Seating for the dinner begins at 6pm on the 27th. And the menu is a 7-course prix fixe that’ll run you $45 per person (plus tax and tip). The Gilbergs are promising to bring back some of the favorite plates from Koo Zee Doo–like the braised chicken gizzards, octopus gravy and sardines–and Ansill will be doing his own takes on the food of the Iberian peninsula.

And things don’t end with the Koo Zee Doo collab. Already on the books (with dates TBD) are dinners with Scott Schroeder from South Philly Tap Room, Brad Spence from Amis and Will’s Chris Kearse.

Bar Ferdinand [f8b8z]