Tonight: Little Baby’s Great Ice Cream Auction


So just how much do you love Little Baby’s Ice Cream? Enough to show up tonight for their first-ever ice cream auction?

Yeah, that’s right. An ice cream auction. See, it appears that the guys from Little Baby’s were going through the coolers and found a bunch of “rare, one-off, seasonal and out-of-print” flavors which they are planning on auctioning off tonight at 8pm at their Frankford Avenue shop.

If there’s a long-gone flavor that you’re just dying to try again, check out the list below. Who knows? You might just have one last chance to try that burnt sugar absinthe flavor that blew your mind and then disappeared from the menu forever…

Little Baby’s Ice Cream Auction

1.5 gallon tubs
Blueberry Ginger x4
Burnt Sugar Absinthe
Buttered Popcorn x2
Federal Donuts Pumpkin Spice Latte Donut
Green Apple Garlic
Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup (**if we can find it! it exists!)
Maryland BBQ
Peach Granola x2
Purple Mint Chip
Spicy Mustard

1.3 Liter Gelato Pans

Apple Snap
Black Pepper Butter Pecan x2
Blueberry Ginger x2
El Vocho
Irish Cream
Grape Grapenuts
Nutcracker x2
Rose Pistachio
Panko Plantain
Peppermint Hot Chocolate x2
Peach Granola
Plum Rum Raisin x4
Pumpkin Curry
Yerba Mate

Blueberry Lemonade


Chocolate Teriyaki x2
Honey Miso Chive x5

Little Baby’s Ice Cream [official]