Gone Drinkin’: Heading Out For Whiskey Fest

Yesterday, the inimitable Emily Goulet over on the Shoppist blog documented the arduous process undertaken by the good folks over at Henry A. Davidsen and T.R.I.M. Philadelphia to get Art and me ready for our big night at the Whiskey Festival. We were shorn and shaved, cleaned up, dressed and accessorized by experts in the field–all so we wouldn’t look like a couple of streetcorner winos when we went stumbling into the fancy-pants VIP reception tonight.

It was no small task (as was painstakingly documented in a slideshow that reveals the condition in which we both entered the men’s grooming, suitifying and image overhaul bodyshop that is Henry A Davidsen, and the Herculean efforts undertaken by the staff to make us both look presentable in our fanciest of pants), but we came out on the other side looking pretty sharp. That snap above? That’s the “after.” For the “befores,” you should head on over to the Shoppist blog right now and see what Art and I look like on any normal day when we’re not planning on getting sloshed on bottles of Jameson Rarest Vintage and party vodka that tastes like lasers and unicorn daydreams. The phrase “serial killer” is tossed around a little bit. And there may be accidental mullets.

But anyway, we’re shutting down the ‘booz for the day and heading out now. For those of you who have tickets to the event, we’ll see you there. If you don’t? Well the first thing Art and I have to do is judge the Woodford Reserve Manhattan competition, and tomorrow morning Hugh E. Dillon will be posting pics of the winner (and maybe some other whiskey-related shenanigans) over at Philly mag’s The Scene.

And now, it’s time to go drinking.

The Great Foobooz Whiskey Fest Makeover [Shoppist]