Rick Bayless Is Coming To Philly

In a move that’s been rumored for months now, we’re finally getting confirmation (courtesy of the Daily Pennsylvanian) that famous TV cooking person Chicago Mexican restaurant kingpin, Rick Bayless, will be coming to Philadelphia to open a restaurant.

What restaurant? We’re not entirely sure. But since he was quoted as saying that the menu will be heavy on the tortas, we’re betting on one of his casual brands–either Frontera Fresco (which already has locations outside of Chicago and on one other college campus) or Tortas Frontera (which, obviously, serves a whole bunch of tortas).

What we do know is that he’ll be moving into a space on the Penn campus–in the ARCH building on Locust (which is currently undergoing renovations). Also, he’s looking on getting open some time this winter. For more details (and an explanation as to why Bayless chose Philly as his newest expansion) check out the full article below.

Famed Chef To Open Mexican Eatery On Locust [Daily Pennsylvanian]