Green Eggs Midtown Village Reopening

Green Eggs Cafe just hosted a media day at their Midtown Village location to announce that the restaurant will be reopening tomorrow, May 29th. The restaurant has been closed since it was infested by rats due to a sewage line break on May 5.

The restaurant released the following statement:

As many of you may already know, photos at our Midtown Village location were posted on Twitter and Instagram on Sunday May 5th. We found out about the issue through these posts and pictures sent directly to our staff. After learning of the issue, we investigated and found a damaged storm water drain line at this location. We made the decision to close indefinitely until we fixed the pipe and were certain that the restaurant was able to meet the very strict cleanliness standards that we set for ourselves.

Many hours of hard work were put in by our team to accomplish our goals of sealing off the building from the outside environment. We thank everyone who worked with us over the last three weeks.

Green Eggs Cafe hired a professional sanitation service to sanitize the Midtown Village location. The Midtown Village location looks absolutely spotless and it is thanks to them.

Next, we would like to thank our contractors who excavated a trench around the building and sealed the foundation, which is guaranteed to seal off any unwanted guests if a main was to break again.

Finally, we’d like to thank the customers who stuck with us and frequented our other two locations of the last three weeks. Doing business in Philadelphia and serving the Philadelphia area is one of the best decisions that we’ve made over the last few years.

Today, we are happy to say that the Midtown Village location has finally met our extremely strict standards and that tomorrow, May 29th, we will be reopening this location.

Green Eggs Cafe