Adam Erace Reviews Bufad

City Paper’s Adam Erace reviews Bufad, the BYOB pizza joint a stone’s throw away from Prohibition Taproom. Erace apparently experienced a different Bufad than what we’ve encountered here at Foobooz. Here’s what he had to say:

I tried two of Bufad’s pies and, sad to say, the excellent crusts couldn’t rescue either one. The “porcini cream” spread across a nightly special was more like condensed mushroom soup that liquefied in the 860-degree oven. Greensgrow watercress was a smart idea, but the past-prime leaves lacked their token zip, and piled on the wet, brown surface, gave the pizza the look of a muddy freshwater swamp. I didn’t know whether to eat it or look for beavers.

Alas, the second pizza was worse, combining two ingredients that are a logistical juggernaut to cook simultaneously: potatoes and eggs. Buried under fontina and gobs of pushy prosciutto, the former, sliced into thin rounds, had no chance of turning creamy or crisp. Cracked on top, the latter emerged with a properly runny yolk surrounded by whites so raw they should have been called clears.

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