Happy 3.14159265359 Day!


Pi Day (3/14) is just two days away, and grade school Math teachers everywhere are going crazy trying to come up with pi-related puns, decorations and activities. It’s a big day for them, and now it’ll be a big day for us as well, because Supper is offering up both sweet and savory pies for all.

 Pi Day Menu At Supper

Savory Pies – $15

creole crawfish and artichoke pie

ritz cracker crumble


quebecoise pork pie, beer mustard

fennel, leek and potato pot pie

hard cooked egg, dill mayo

stout braised short rib and mushroom pie

horseradish cream

Sweet Pies – $7

dutch apple pie

buttermilk ice cream

mississippi mud pie

caramel swirl ice cream

oatmeal raisin pie

vanilla ice cream

grasshopper pie

dark chocolate sorbet

lemon chess pie

sweet tea sorbet


two course pie menu – $19

 Supper – [Official]