Peter Serpico at Il Pittore

We dispatched photographer Kate Van Vleck to Il Pittore on Tuesday night to snap some shots of the Peter Serpico, Chris Painter collaboration dinner at Il Pittore. For those of you who don’t recall the hysteria that attended the announcement in September that Stephen Starr had apparently sold another piece of his soul to the devil in order to woo David Chang’s right-hand-man, Peter Serpico, away from his position in the Momofuku empire, let me assure you that it was a very big deal. Funny thing is, September was a long time ago, and since the announcement Serpico hasn’t really done…anything. Or at least nothing that really had his name attached to it.

This Painter/Serpico mashup at Il Pittore was really Serpico’s first public appearance in Philly. His coming out party, as it were. And from the looks of things, it went pretty well.