Funky Li’l Kitchen Team Going Mobile–With Your Help

Michael Falcone and Tonda Woodling (of Pottstown’s Funky Li’l Kitchen) want to start a food truck. And they want you to help.

How? By kicking in for the crowdfunding project Michael and Tonda have going over on indiegogo as they attempt to secure the pesos necessary to start the Heart Food Truck. They need $11,500. So far they have $685. But the good news? They’ve still got 58 days to go and have all sorts of funding levels and special gifts available–like a t-shirt at the $100 level or your name on the truck for $1,000.

According to the project description, the Heart Food Truck will be a place where Michael and Tonda “plan to (as always) cook from the HEART, offering the same upscale ingredients and food combinations that we currently offer at Funky Lil’ Kitchen.” They’ll be doing this at farmers markets and curbsides all over Philly and the suburbs.

Heart Food Truck…cooking from the heart…get it?

They’re also looking at maybe opening an outdoor restaurant if they get enough support from the community. But you can read all about it on their indiegogo page.

Heart Food Truck donations page [indiegogo]