Rocky-Fest at South Philly Bar & Grill

I used to be annoyed with the Rocky obsession that’s consumed this city. No fictional character should have their statue erected next to one of Philadelphia’s most iconic architectural and historical structures, especially if he couldn’t really nail the Philly accent as a trained, professional actor.

Though, my defeatist attitude towards this subject is both a little ironic in context, and unrealistic—even to myself. I can be that Rocky-Scrooge all I want, but after finishing those movies, I feel inspired, my heart’s racing, I’m screaming at the TV, and I’m catching a tear with the tip of my knuckles.

South Philly Bar & Grill shares the same sentiment, so they’re holding their second annual Rocky-Fest. The epic tribute to the movie series will be paid from 11am-2am on Saturday, January 12th, as they play each movie, starting from Rocky Balboa and a finale of the original Rocky at 7pm. There will be Rocky themed food and drink specials (Balboa Punch, Italian Stallion Salad, Italian Meats Pizza, and the TKO Rocky Road Bread Pudding.), a Rocky look-a-like contest at 9pm, Rocky trivia, and DJ Perry Angelozzi will be keeping the party going until 2am.

Have your best black-eye paint ready and get yourself oiled up, because it looks like it’ll be a good time in South Philly.

South Philly Bar & Grill [Official Site]