Two More Big Collaboration Dinners Coming Soon

So we just posted a couple hours ago about the Puchowitz/Sabatino/Moore collaboration and wine dinner coming up at Matyson on the 17th. Looks cool, right? But that’s really just the start of what’s shaping up to be a crazy-good season for multi-course, multi-chef special event dinners.

Any of you hardcore gastronauts with a hundred or so bucks in your pocket ought to pay special attention here…

First, there’s the huge 4-way/4-meal collaboration between chefs Jon Cichon (Lacroix), Nicholas Elmi (Rittenhouse Tavern), Lee Styer (Fond) and Chris Kearse (Will) that’s happening on January 13th. The way this one works is, all four chefs are gathering together once a month for four months at one of their four restaurants and cooking one king-hell awesome collaboration meal for those smart enough to get reservations. January 13th is the first of the 4 dinners, hosted by Chris Kearse at Will. They’re accepting a maximum of 35 reservations and the asking price is just $100 for a many-coursed feast. Over at the Insider, there’s even a rough version of the menu, and it looks something like this:

Wianno Oyster

Lemon Myrtle, Caramelized White Soy, Quinoa

Sea Robin and Sea Urchin

Horseradish, Crab Apple, Seaweed


Green Curry, Butternut Squash, Coconut

Blue Crab Consomme

Pork Belly, Kale Dumpling, Apple


Sunchoke, Persimmon, Beet

Smoked Beef Cheek

Parsnip, Black Garlic, Radish

Foie Gras Cannoli

Pistachio, Cranberry


Mandarin Orange, Nasturtium, Goat Yogurt

Interested? Reservations can be gotten through Will by emailing And if you should find that this first event is sold out, fear not. Come February, Elmi will be hosting the second dinner at the Rittenhouse Tavern. Everyone will be heading to Fond in March. And then in April, it’s Lacroix for one final 4-way collaboration.

But before you start looking that far in the future, there’s also “La Cottora” coming up on January 20th–a kind of Abbruze-style winter festival at Le Virtu which will bring together chefs Joe Cicala, George Sabatino (Stateside) and Scott Schroeder (South Philly Tap Room, American Sardine Bar) for a fire-lit outdoor party full of pasta fagioli, whole porchetta, sausages, grilled lamb shank, tuna crudo, tripe panini, Italian cookies, mulled wine, warm apple cider, roasted chestnuts and some kind of concoction made with salted caramel vodka, Frangelico and warm cider that may not keep you from freezing to death if the party goes late, but will guarantee that you really won’t mind.

The whole thing will be very informal and fun, will run you just $70 a head, and will go from 5-9pm on January 20th at Le Virtu. Want to feel even better about yourself for participating? Profits are going to Project H.O.M.E. which is trying to end homelessness in Philadelphia.

Need more information about any of these events? The good folks at the restaurants would love to help you out. Find ’em all here.

Le Virtu [Official]

Will [Official]

Matyson [Official]