Best of Philly: This Is What 400 People Eating Cupcakes Looks Like

Over the weekend, we had a gigantic public tasting for this year’s Best of Philly issue. The challenge? Pick the best cupcake in Philadelphia. And our methods were simple: Set up the tables at King Of Prussia Mall, bring in the cupcakes and let the people just go NUTS.

Our five competitors (a list curated by Foobooz and Philadelphia magazine staff) were Whipped Bakeshop, Cups ‘n Cakes, Colonial Farms, Philly Cupcake and Brown Betty and our voter turn-out levels were high (with something like 90% of all people sampling casting an actual vote for their favorite), which leads me to believe that American Democracy might work a whole hell of a lot better if all elections were done in the form of cupcake taste-tests.

But anyway, the votes have all been counted. A clear winner has been chosen. And the people’s choice for Best Cupcake In Philly will be revealed come August when Best of Philly 2012 hits the stands.