Percy Street Lets Erin O’Shea Loose

One of the first media dinners I ever went to was at Marigold Kitchen where Erin O’Shea wowed me with modern Southern cuisine and grits that ruined regular grits forever. The next Sunday I was back for brunch. A week after that I was back for another dinner. I was hooked. So  even as I exuberantly ordered burnt ends, brisket and turkey tails at Percy Street there has been with a slight disappointment that O’She’s Southern expertise wasn’t really on display. But with Percy Street’s newest menu (just rolled out Tuesday), O’Shea is showing off some more of that Southern cooking roots I fell for back at Marigold Kitchen.

Now on the menu is a Country Ham Plate with drop biscuits and green tomato preserves, burnt end beans and more. Still no grits, for that you would have to be attending her class tonight at Cook.

Also new to the menu is pork cheeks, served with sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts.

Percy Street Food Menu (PDF)
Percy Street Drinks (PDF)
Percy Street Beer-To-Go (PDF)

Percy Street Barbecue [Official Site]