UPDATED: Tweed Is Closed (At Least For The Moment)

A quick note for those of you who might’ve had plans (like we did) for a dinner at Tweed in the upcoming weeks: You’re going to have to choose somewhere else to dine.

Why? Because as of Wednesday night, Tweed has been closed. And it wasn’t the economy that did it. It wasn’t a lack of trade. It was, in fact, the roof. More specifically, that the roof of the building at 114 South 12th Street which has been home to Tweed for almost a year on the nose is currently collapsing and the owners (and a whole lot of contractors) are currently trying to figure out why.

I cruised by the space yesterday afternoon, and while there were no outward signs of impending structural failure (meaning there was nothing on fire, there were no cranes blocking traffic and big chunks of the building were not falling onto the sidewalk), a call to Tweed got the inside story on what happened, in the simplest possible terms:

“We had some HVAC issues that led the roof to…kinda collapse,” said hostess Jessica Vitagliano. She also said that the owners and management had been meeting with contractors all day to try and figure out what, exactly, is going wrong (when I walked by, there were several people inside, sitting at the bar, leading me to believe that there is either no imminent danger of the entire roof caving in, or that Tweed’s staff just like the thrill of a little danger with their drinks), but that no matter what, Tweed is likely going to be dark for “at least two weeks.”

“Right now, all we know is that our roof is caving in,” Vitagliano told me. “But if we find out anything else, we’ll let you know.”

And as soon as we hear from Tweed, you’ll hear from us. Promise.

UPDATE: Tweed is gone for good and, at least according to Howard Taylor who owns the property, there are no problems at all with the roof or the HVAC system. Sounds curious, right? Check out the whole story here.