Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Beer, Tapas, Beer, Tweed, Beer, Chair Sex and Beer

Can you guess how excited we are about Philly Beer Week? Yes, the answer is very. Still, we did manage to restrain ourselves and cover some actual news, too. Here are some of the things you might’ve missed…

Tapas in the ‘burbs
That would’ve been such a better headline if it’d been topless in the ‘burbs…

XXX Action in Northeast Philly
We’re talking about XXX Shine, the almost-moonshine from Philadelphia Distilling, but you see what we did there, making it sound dirty?

Cherry Vodka and Chair Sex
True tales from a Jersey Shore bartender

Marc Vetri Wants Sushi
And he wants it now

$2 Million Dollars For A Plate
MyPlate replaces the Food Pyramid, then we replaced MyPlate with one made just for Philly

Tweed Shuts The Doors
Because it’s tough to run a restaurant with no roof

And finally, our pre-Beer Week coverage, with an interactive map of the Hammer of Glory’s route through the city, a Beer Week Tumblr, some things that other people are saying about Beer Week and a time-bending, liver-wrecking, marriage-killing, almost-but-not-quite-impossible list of everything we want to do during Beer Week‘s kickoff weekend, including (but not limited to) Opening Tap, a pin-up block party (and hot dog eating contest!), after-parties, rare beers and the Philadelphia Cheese Experiment.

Better start planning for the Monday hangover right now.