We’re Getting Younger, But How Much?

It’s Pliny the Younger season again. The once-a-year triple IPA from Russian River makes beer geeks totally lose their freaking minds. The limited run beer is only shipped to select markets (Philadelphia is the only location east of the Mississippi to receive it). Last night it was tapped and kicked in no time at TJ’s in Paoli. Last year there were only 10 or so sixtels delivered to Philadelphia and each of them created its own spectacle.

Tickets are on sale now for Sunday’s tapping at the Khyber Pass Pub. Each ticket is $15, the profits of which go to The Free Library Of Philadelphia Foundation.

Monday has the Younger and seven other Russian River beers on tap at Monk’s Cafe. Younger will be tapped at 11:20am and sold for $15 per glass. All the proceeds all go to Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

We’ll update this post as we learn of more Pliny the Younger tappings.

Update: St. Stephen’s Green is tapping their Pliny the Younger at noon today (Friday March 4th). Look for the Sidecar Bar & Grille to tap their keg next Friday during their weekend of IPA’s Greatest Hits.

Update 2: Saturday, March 5th will see Devil’s Den tapping their keg at 11am.

Update 3: Resurrection Ale House will tap their Younger along with the Elder and Sanctification and Redemption on Tuesday, March 15th. First 50 who replied to Resurrection’s newsletter will get in at 11am. Doors open to the public at noon.

Update 4: The Drafting Room in Exton pre-sold tickets for their HopFest this Saturday. That’s 8 kegs accounted for.

Pliny the Younger [Official Site]