10-Years Strong at Chloe

It’s been ten-years for the husband and wife team of Mary Ann Ferrie and Dan Grimes and their Old City BYO, Chloe is going as good as ever.

So award Chloe points for consistency in food, a steadfastness that extends past who’s cooking it and influences what they’re actually cooking — many dishes, from the tuna and ribs plates to the Moroccan-spiced lamb skewer/minted couscous entrée, have been on offer since day one. Regulars would pitch a fit otherwise. The lively nightly specials are where they deviate from the tried and true — a simple, simply awesome plate of tender braised fennel dressed with mozzarella, toasted pine nuts and tomato sherry sauce; a too-much-for-the-money bowl of chicken and dumpling soup that could incinerate even the most insidious autumn chill.

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