Square 1682’s High Steaks Cheesesteak Challenge

Nine local chefs compete for a meat-and-Whiz-inspired trophy

If your block is one of the few that didn’t host a massive street party this summer (with a hat tip to the fine folks of Fishtown who have mastered the art of blocking off streets with inflatables), we’ve found an acceptable alternative. To celebrate the first anniversary of  the Rittenhouse restaurant Square 1682 — located within the swank Hotel Palomar — Sansom Street will be blocked off between 16th and 17th streets from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. for music, fun, and, of course, food.

The highlight of the day is the High Steaks cheesesteak challenge, featuring nine renditions of our signature sandwich. Local celebrities — including cheesesteak aficionado Tony Luke — will judge the steaks to determine who takes home the grand prize: a cheesesteak trophy (which we hope is a trophy made from actual cheesesteaks!) presented by the big cheese himself, Mayor Michael Nutter. Fancy-pants contestants include Matthew Levin (Adsum), Mike Stollenwerk (fish), and Peter Woolsey (Bistrot La Minette). Twenty bucks gets you in and includes samples of the competing chefs’ cheesesteaks. There will also be adult beverages available for purchase courtesy of Victory Brewing Company. Rationalize the calories with karma: Proceeds go toward the Philadelphia Academies, Inc, which provide career-driven learning and life skills to local students. Buy tickets here.