Beer, Pizza & Character

Earth Bread + Brewery's Wood Burning Oven

Trey Popp has been eagerly waiting for the arrival of Earth Bread + Brewery for a year now. And unlike most things with such a build-up, the beers and pizza deliver.

My favorite one [pizza] bore another simple name: Seed. Sesame seeds, pine nuts and pepitas studded a crust that had been painted with garlic-infused olive oil and topped with cheese. The smell alone had me salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs trapped in a bell factory, and the sourdough crust was just perfect between the teeth.

A pungent pesto topped the crust of another flatbread, garlicking up a cargo of cubed potatoes that would send one of Atkins’ acolytes running for the nearest mound of meat. I loved the double dose of carbs. It reminded me of a pie topped with fettuccini Alfredo that still colors my memory of Key West 15 years after the fact.

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