Tasting Menu At Bindi

Throughout the summer Bindi’s Marcie Turney and her chefs will be shopping at the Headhouse Square Farmers’ Market to shop for ingredients for their weekly tasting menu. The three course family style menu is available Tuesday through Thursday for $35 per person.

This week’s menu after the jump.

From the Chef
goan pork sliders
four hour goan spiced pulled pork, watermelon rind chutney, george’s housemade sweet buns, papaya pickle

First Course
market beet and cucumber salad
salt roasted beets, indian cucumber, “gherkin” cucumber, pursalane greens, baby spinach, chutneys and yogurt

Second Course (you will receive all of the following items)
chicken tikka masala
yogurt and spice marinated chicken, pickled beet greens, warm red, orange and yellow carrot-chickpea salad

indian spice crusted skirt steak
tumeric-chili roasted fingerling and purple potatoes, garlic chive chutney, nigella pickled heirloom tomatoes

pulao rice
cashew, raisin, bloomed whole spices

summer vegetable sambar
baby squash, asparagus, jersey corn, yellow lentils, coconut milk, red chilies

potato paratha
hand rolled griddle bread, spiced potato, ghee, sea salt (served with minted cucumber raita and spicy tomato-sesame chutney)

Fourth Course
vanilla bean-cardamom panna cotta
sweet and sour stone fruit chutney

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