I See Vegan People

BeXnlog, a blog we’ve recently discovered dined at Horizons recently and really enjoyed it. But even cooler, M. Night Shyamalan was there.

Yes, the restaurant looks nice. Yes, the service was good. Two bars. Feels like you’re in the Southwest or California. Bright and airy, even during rainstorm. Big tables. Etc.

Okay, now the important part: the food. Damn dudes, the food was INCREDIBLE. You could tell that with every single step of the preparation, from selection to cutting, pairing and plating, searing roasting condiments flavor layers – whatever it was – the chefs really knew what they were doing. I haven’t had food that good in a restaurant in a long time. Sure, the prices are a tad higher than the average we spend on dinner, but when you consider the quality and skill, it’s totally worth it.

N. Vegan [beXnlog] via MenuPages Blog
Horizons [Official Site]