Palace At The Ben A Worthy Bet

Elisa Ludwig gets excited every time she hears a new Indian restaurant is opening in Philadelphia, Palace At The Ben as her especially pumped.

Even the simplest dishes are superbly crafted, like the tandoori mixed grill, a variety of meats cooked in a clay oven and displayed on a bed of raw onion and pepper slices with lemon wedges on a sizzling metal platter. Those proteins include whole breast of chicken on the bone, boneless chunks of yogurt-marinated malai chicken, seekh kebab (lamb sausage) and boti kebab, thick chunks of lamb rubbed in a pungent dry masala with a couple of shrimp thrown in for good measure. Tamarind and chili-mint chutneys come on the side, but with their respective marinades, the meats hardly need more embellishment.

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