Quick Bites

Susanna Foo’s Gourmet Kitchen is open and busy. The Radnor dumpling house sprung to life last Saturday. Open daily for dinner, lunch starts this Monday. [Table Talk]

Taco House is no more? That was our reaction when reading the Taco Houseon the 1200 block of Pine Street is now Café Centraal. serving Middle Eastern as well as Mexican. [Feeding Frenzy]

Ms. Tootsie’s Restaurant, Bar & Lounge is set to debut tomorrow next to Ms. Tootsie’s Soul Food Cafe on the 1300 block of South Street. The space will feature three bars, the Soul Food Cafe’s food, plus some new menu items. [Feeding Frenzy]

The Marigold Kitchen backed Xochitl is expecting a Mid-November debut. Drew Lazor gives the tip, expect to see a large tequila list. [Feeding Frenzy]

Vegetarian favorite Horizons was named restaurant of the year by Vegnews magazine. [Table Talk]

UPDATE: And yes, snackbar opened for business last night. And eGullet has the photos to prove it. [eGullet]